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Heat 4 Inspiration Point


Welcome to the penultimate Heat of the 2012 Poetry Pentathlon.

Below, there are 5 headlines from today’s news, from which Entrants may select any one (or any other current news item) as their Inspiration Point.

To compose a poem about contemporary events, Entrants are required to write in a contemporary form. The Fib has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a type of syllabic verse based on the numerical pattern of the Fibonacci Sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... (Each number is the sum of the preceding two.)

More information may be found here: http://www.musepiepress.com/fibreview/index.html

The deadline for submissions is Midnight BST on Saturday 27th October. Late submissions may be disqualified.

Entrants are reminded that their poem must not have already appeared on the ABCtales.com website and that their authorship must remain anonymous while the Pentathlon is being run.

When ready, poems are to be submitted directly to the Editor via his abctalesmag email address.

Emails are to be headed: Heat 4 Entry.

The body of the email should consist solely of the Entrant’s name, the poem’s title and the text of the poem itself. Attachments in the Rich Text (.rtf) Format are acceptable.

If the Entrant does not wish their poem to be included in the Anthology, they should write the initials ‘NFP’ above the title. (Not For Publication).

Entrants are advised to take care that their poem is carefully proofread before submission as no subsequent corrections or amendments will be allowed.

* Thousands due at anti-cuts march

* Malala ‘hope and healing’ vigil

* Earth and Mars Glenelgs twinned

*Obama diagnoses a case of ‘Romnesia’

* Fears over the health of Fidel Castro growing

http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/alex-nodopaka.html Heat 4 submission For this I chose a headline from our local Los Angeles newspaper and if it disqualifies me then so be it, thanks for memories... chuckling here. Chance Meeting They stood between their automobiles discussing the pros and cons of the surrounding heavy traffic apologizing to each other for accidentally scraping their fenders when the 18-wheeler rig plowed into them cutting instantly their lives short. Whatever they discussed didn’t please the powers of random acts of mayhem nor it is important for us to know as we busy with our own importance and future meaningfulness-less. Let the record show their blood-drenched driver's licenses. ~~~ Alex Nodopaka Octber©2012
Alex, You have indeed disqualified yourself from this Heat by posting on ABCtales, breaking your anonymity and failing to write in the specified form.
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/alex-nodopaka.html Thanks for letting me know of my demise. By the way, when I click "When ready, poems are to be submitted directly to the Editor via his abctalesmag email address" the link sends me repeatedly to some advertizer. I suggest you spell out a corrected link. Amicably yours... Alex
Alex, There is no link. I have no idea what you have been clicking. The instruction is to submit via an email address of which you have been separately notified and which you have already contacted me on previously. If you fail to read, understand and comply with the plainly stated rules and instructions that every other Entrant has managed to follow, then I have no option but to disqualify you.
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/alex-nodopaka.html No harm done. I appreciate your response & I also wouldn't change rules for just one persson. Of course I'm disappointed but that's the price of not following the rules is about. I have only one question, Am I disqualified just for that round or the whole Pentathlon? In re the link is that in the quoted passages it appears in highlighted in red or blue I believe as if it were a legitimate link but apparently it's some gimmicks that the Internet invented that sends you one onto unwanted commercials.
None of that text is highlighted (nor should it be) when I view it. There must be a bug in your browser. You may still enter Heat 5 and vote in heats 4 & 5.
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/alex-nodopaka.html OK Thanks. Yes, it must be at my end because in all email texts I have such unasked-for misleading highlighting. I appreciate the time you spent clearing this up for me.
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