Heat 5 Inspiration Point

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Heat 5 Inspiration Point


Welcome to the final Heat of the 2012 Poetry Pentathlon.

For this Heat, Entrants are let off their leash and may write in any form or style of their choosing.

Below, there are links to 5 poetry performances, from which Entrants may select any one (or combination thereof) as their Inspiration Point.

The deadline for submissions is Midnight GMT on Saturday 3rd November. Late submissions may be disqualified.

Entrants are reminded that their poem must not have already appeared on the ABCtales.com website and that their authorship must remain anonymous while the Pentathlon is being run.

When ready, poems are to be submitted directly to the Editor via his abctalesmag email address.

Emails are to be headed: Heat 5 Entry.

The body of the email should consist solely of the Entrant’s name, the poem’s title and the text of the poem itself. Attachments in the Rich Text (.rtf) Format are acceptable.

If the Entrant does not wish their poem to be included in the Anthology, they should write the initials ‘NFP’ above the title. (Not For Publication).

Entrants are advised to take care that their poem is carefully proofread before submission as no subsequent corrections or amendments will be allowed.

This is a last chance to impress, so go for it.