Medals Table Update 28/10/12

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Medals Table Update 28/10/12


A small lead is opening up at the top of the table, but it is by no means unassailable and it is still anybody’s race. Time to put your heads down and sprint for the finish line.

[8G 6S 5B] Russell Turner

[8G 3S 6B] Ben Clarke

[7G 2S 2B] Barbara Legge

[5G 4S 4B] Joseph Lawrence

[5G 2S 2B] Edward Terry

[4G 7S 1B] Phyllis McKenna

[4G 6S 4B] Alex Tomlin

[4G 5S 5B] Mark Kilburn

[4G 3S 4B] Ewan Lawrie

[4G 3S 0B] Marion Hammond

[3G 6S 3B] Maxine Kendall

[3G 4S 6B] Stephen Jeffery

[3G 3S 2B] Richard Penny

[3G 2B 4S] Christine Clatworthy

[3G 1S 3B] Simon Whitworth

[2G 5S 4B] Linda Cress

[2G 5S 1B] Francis Hayes

[2G 3S 2B] Mark Boyd

[1G 3S 3B] Tanya Jones

[1G 2S 4B] John Nandy

[1G 0S 2B] Rhiannon Weber

[1S 8B] Elle Pryor

[1S 1B] Kim Downing