A talented poet, and a VITAL video

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A talented poet, and a VITAL video

Wow! I mean WOW!!

Take a look at this five-minute video.

(More importantly, have your kids watch it)




This is a top video and thank you Karl for posting it. To be totally dependent on technology for our interaction with people is to live life second hand.  I really enjoyed this and I would recommend it.


This is amazing. Thanks Karl. 


Ladies, it touched me. We're the creative ones, the writers, the artists, the chefs, the musicians, the song-writers, and nobody understands us. A musician possibly has a song going round and round inside his head whilst he's socialising with the friends. And in the same way we hold words inside our heads for months, possibly years. This is why we reach out to groups of peers like ABCtales, Facebook, Twitter, because only here do we find people who understand us.


Not right, is it?  


Not when you put it as eloquently as that.


I discuss it here in this Author Interview. Bored of the same old Author Interviews where the blogger or
interviewer asks the same tired and decrepit questions – What inspired you to write your first book? Do you have a specific writing style? What book are you reading now? Is there a message in your novel? Can you share a little of your current work with us? – I suggested to Cap’n Joe that I wanted to use this
interview to tell the writer’s story.

I requested I be given the opportunity to talk about the self-publishing industry in general, but I also wanted to discuss family issues and how the lonely occupation of the writer fits in with family values. This is something too often neglected in Author Interviews where the author is literally saying, “Hey, I’m an author, pleased to meet you. Read my new book.”

Very few people understand the mind of the ‘writer,’ so my goal here was to make this interview different. I'm not asking you to read it all (and don't click on the Hitler link at the beginning), but considerations about the writer and family life can be found half way down in what I think is the 4th question;