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I'm collecting info with a view to launching a web site and publishing a local pamphlet regarding the history, culture, values and current issues of the Romani Gypsies.

The reason why I'm embarking on this project is to record, document and study the attitudes of my local community towards the settled traveller population in the town, but most importantly because I'm due to begin a Sociology degree in the new year.

I believe that by 'zooming-in' on a small community such as mine and documenting the conflict as it unfolds and evolves will enable a much more detailed and "bare bones" contribution to the issue in the 21st century. I intend to publish real comments provided by members of the community.

The local residents groups believe that by publishing this info and distributing amongst the community would only aggrevate the conflict. I'm not sure. What do you think? Would I be burned at the stake, or chased out of town by club weilding inbreds?

A title. I've only landed with "Gypsy's. Journeys End? Or New Horizon?"

This title is relative to the fact that, as more and more Gypsy families become settled and are subjecting their children to institutional conditioning, is the culture dying out or does this mark the beggining of a new era of adaption and conflict in which the Gypsy culture will live on?"

But I don't think the title is significant enough or all ecompassing.

Any suggestions?



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I suggest you narrow down the title. If it is in a small community then try and pick a landmark, historical reference, symbol of the people if you will and run with that. Or If using real quotes pick a title out from a part of a quotation, I love seeing that type of intelligence go into writing.
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A title is the most importent part of a book. Think about it the first thing they will read is the title.So make sure it's good.What I would do is pick the word that is not used the most and use it .I got that from my band Incubis, all there song titles have the word that Makes the most impaked and stays in your head.alumbloom wrote:
Mike Coombes
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Forget the title. you haven't written the piece yet. A title will suggest itself along the way. But as to the suggestion that your piece couls aggravate the situation - balls. Fear=ignorance. publish and be damned. Anything that offers a broader understanding, as long as it is honest and balanced, can only help. It certainly won't make things worse. http://www.write-across-europe.com
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