Funny but true story.

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Funny but true story.

I was logging this on the Milosevic is dead thread (don't ask me how I got there), but I thought this requires a thread in its own right. I used to live with one Veronica Shakespear who shall remain nameless, and a direct lineal descendant of the Bard. (And yes Billy Shakespear used to spell his name that way.) Anyway: her father, one William Shakespear, was stopped by the police late one night for driving his car in an erratic manner. He had partaken of the fine liquor that hath gilded men. So my ersatz Father-in-Law wound down the window and the copper asked him what his name was. He replied: "William Shakespear." The copper replied: "And I'm fuckin' Marilyn Monroe, now what's your name?"

i think that sort of thing happened to stirling moss more than once, and possibly nigel mansell
that's the main reason I had my name changed from fuqu copper
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