Blair - Brown - Johnson - Milliband?

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Blair - Brown - Johnson - Milliband?

Is it really right and/or fair that a prime minister resigning before his term is up should be allowed to pass the job on to someone else?

I know that elections are supposed to be about 'parties' and their manifestos but, I'm convinced that many voters take into account the party leaderswhen deciding which way to vote.

Surely if Blair wishes to cut and run he should be morally obliged to call an election.

Actually I secretly hope that at the last minute he does and really fucks Brown over big time.

Anyone here who hates Blair, (everyone apart form 2 or 3?), and thinks he's been a wanker ain't seen nothing yet. If scaly Brown gets the job, and it's looking more likely every day, especially since he's learned how to smile and behave like he cares about others, they will find out what a REAL scumbag is like.

I'd almost feel obliged to vote tory to block his ascent.

Right, I REALLY am off outside now. I have to get up in 6hrs and have a 30hr day ahead of me, most of which will be spent on planes and in airports, so it's wooden hill time for me.