Pen or keyboard?

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Pen or keyboard?

I was wondering, if anyone out there has a preference, and why.

It's certainly quicker to bang stuff straight onto the screen, but I find that during the process of transcribing from notebook to screen, many changes occur almost of themselves.

But it all takes so long, and I often can't read my own writing.

I write - or should I say scribble - notes and outlines onto paper. Mostly, this is because I get my ideas when I'm out and about, and I always have a notebook with me. Then I write it up on the computer when I have formed more in my head. Although, I can still read my own writing!
Yep, i always have a pad with me. Perhaps a laptop serves a similar purpose, althought for one, Ican't afford one, and two, I don't fancy swanning around some parts of Battersea, typing away with my head in the clouds. I have been known to store the occasional phrase of ides as a text on the phone. Think I'll always return to pen and paper...
I don't like writing with a pen. It's all too permanent. With a PC I can delete and backspace as much as I like. I find those are the two most popular keys on my keyboard. I could never, ever, EVER have got very far with an old-fashioned typewriter!
Yeah, Gawd knows how I'd have got on with a typewriter. Very messy, I imagine. The way I use the pen is not permanent, its a mere preamble to putting onto the 'puter. It's just a bit longwinded. It is handy if you're on the hoof or on a train, though.
I also carry a notebook around with me, for jotting. And I have a post-it pad in the car (but don't tell the rozzers!)
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