writing a moderately sized novel

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writing a moderately sized novel

hello, i have started writing a semi-novel and although i have all the ideas in my head, i like the story to be fast-paced so i can't really add pages to my writing, if u know what i mean. ive tried and ive tried but my thoughts just translate into words too quickly. help! i really need tips. i've posted the first 2 chapters of the story - "The Seed of Sarothen" in the Stories section of the public gallery. criticism will really be appreciated thanks.

also, ive dabbled with a short story, same place, called "Stranded at the styx". which line shoud i pursue, longer writing or the short story?

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Tips O.K then here I go 1) always know what you are doing before you do it. 2) put down ideas on paper 3)um...I need tips for my own tips Have a friend help you it is good to have to brains in thinking.
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