Brad Pitt beats me again.

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Brad Pitt beats me again.

I've just heard the results on 'The most beautiful men in the world' list, and inconceivably Brad beats me again. And David Cameron is in there! Wot next? John Prescott goes topless in The Sun?

Finally! someone else can hold the bloody award! Anyone know his addres so I can post it on? All those recent weeks spent trying to placate the 'league of intelligent horny women with taste' [the LIHWT as their letter head reads] and assuring them that it really IS a good idea to take me out of the running because twenty successive awards is enough, seems to have paid off and I can finally get some rest from the coachloads of dusky maidens that try, daily, to push their heaving chests through my letterbox with post-it notes that read, "Go on Ely, just a quick feel, it's all I need honest" wedged in the cleavage. Honestly my letterbox looks like a holder for binoculars now with all the pairs of firm busoms that have been forced through it over the years. ... if I start talking bollox you will tell me won't you?
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