The Mushroom People

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The Mushroom People

A person who consumes hallucinogenic mushrooms for their effects.

Oxford English Dictionary definition.

Before the loop-hole was closed in July2005, magic mushrooms quite literally exploded into mainstream culture in the UK. Kids were growing them in terraniums in their bedrooms, vendors were selling 70kg a day (equiv to 3,500 trips) at popular festivals throughout the country and if you couldn't be arsed with all that, you could pick a bag up from ebay for a couple o' quid. As long as the shrooms were fresh and unprepared you were not breaking the law.

Off course, speak to any fluffy new-ager type and he'll tell you that shrooms have been consumed since the dawn of mankind. Santa Claus is a mushy in disguise; most of the world's religions were found through pyschotropic explorations...blah blah. But one thing can be sure of...we are truly living in the age of the shroom. We ARE the mushroom people!

So - who's tried them? I have and I became a radish.

"Would you like some tea?" - Daevid Allen (Gong)

"We ARE the mushroom people!" Kept in the dark and fed shit.
They used to grow on my old school field in Dagenham (not a town known for its New Age leanings) and we gleefully tore right into them. (The mushrooms, that is, not the New Agers). Double-maths was fun.
I knew you were plant life.


Good to be in the fond company of fellow myconauts. This should have been posted in gen. dis. It aint law if it aint laminated!

There's nothing more mind-teasing than the incomprehensible eagerly avowed -

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