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Just watched Venus Williams demolish Johanna Konta in straight sets, and she's almost a pensioner! But Konta wasn't playing well at all. But it got me to thinking in my scallywag sort of way: what if the Murray brothers and the William sisters were to win their respective matches and have to dance with one another at the Travelodge winners buffet. They dance well together and have a few bottles of Blue Nun and decide to repair to their respective rooms, with adjoining doors. 9 Months later both William's sisters are pregnant, but because of the shenanigans that went on that night, neither sister knows which brother impregnated them. Yes Blue Nun will do that to you. Now which son or daughter do you urge into doubles or singles? What if you get it wrong?

May the best man win.

Stephen d

May is not a man, I don't think she's even a woman.