Stopping By With Some Free Writing Resources

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Stopping By With Some Free Writing Resources


I'm new here. Sort of working my way through some of the great writer's groups that are available and posting my introduction.

I'm always open to hearing from writers and want to become active in some of the more "happening" discussions.

I'm located in Toronto, Canada, so if there are any other Great White North Canadians floating around here, make sure to say hello! [The weather has been atrocious lately, eh?]

By way of introduction I'd like to let you know about a great free writing resource site that I know and love. It's called the Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l and is located at

The best thing about this site is that it offers free writing resources to new and experienced writers. Here's the site description:

"A free site that hosts thousands of writing resource links in a massive online database, 40+ genres, funds for writers, job listings, education, news, submission calls, research library."

Getting back to me, I personally write in three different areas; business ad copy, short story fiction and I'm working on my third novel. On top of that I do web page writing, business emails and a variety of other custom contract writing work.

I've been doing this since 1990 when I had my very first published article released in a magazine called "Foodservice and Hospitality". What a rush! Been hooked on writing ever since.

Anyway, drop me a line if you feel like saying hello.

Bye for now

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Thanks for the link Andy, looks like an excellent resource The weather over hear in good old England is a bit damp and moody. Nothing new there! Well done on your first publication.
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Hey Andy, Welcome to ABC....Things are a bit out of sorts with the stories at the moment, but stay tuned...this is a very cool place for writers and readers. At least we're on the same continent...I have friends in Toronto, cool!
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