Mythology(a man named Arachin)

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Mythology(a man named Arachin)

Just to tell you I am in Honors 9th grade Lit. and our teacher just wanted us to write a one page story, so it's kind of hard to write a good story on one page, but here we go anyway
In the city of Columbia, Greece where people lived without a hero for centuries. This is the city where half human and half anteaters(called antny) would come every twenty years and destroy everything in its path. Until one day a man named Arnold and a woman named Arachin`e had a wonderful, strong baby named Arachin. He was born into royalty and everything good because of his mom. His mom was a goddess that was born from the underworld where spiders and humans ruled. So she grew up and controled the underworld and married a pure mortal name Arnold. So, then when Arachin was born he was half spider and human, and was named after both parents. But, things changed when he got older, Arachin was suppose to be a strong hero, a person that doesn't really care for sympathy, or peoples feelings, but he did Arachin was a jellybean, strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. Arachin was never really popular, but that all changed on August 14th,205 B.C when the antny's came back after twenty years. Arachin finally put his lessons from his parents in use. The antny came through the city like usual, destroying everything. Until, the antny came right in front of Arachin. Antny was a half anteater and human. So when he saw this half spider and human, he started to get hungry. Because anteaters eat spiders as well as other things, so Arachin said in a very strong toning voice "Turn around you old,nasty lookin antny." "No!, I will not, you will have to fight me, even though it will be over, and you will die, and I will feast on you, BUT LETS FIGHT!," said the antny. So they fought and then a few minutes later Arachin used his secret weapon the WEB and killed antny, then later on, he ws a hero in just a few quick seconds, he wasn't unpopular no more, and every girl just wanted to date him.


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Um... His mom was a goddess WHO was born from the underworld where spiders and humans ruled. he was a hero in just a few quick seconds; he wasn't unpopular ANYmore, and every girl just wanted to date him. This isn't the posting part of the site, Tammika. You'd have to register as a member on the home page, and then post your stories in the correct place; this part of the site is for discussions, only. Not story posting.
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