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Mark Lamarr used it last night in Never Mind The Buzzcocks in the same way that I used it (which is incorrect) as a conflation of git and wimp. Sod Jesus, a new word is born! Hail to the word.

Pedantry coming to the fore, but there's already three separate origins of the word in my Chambers' Dictionary.
There 'IS' already three separate origins? This is my main hate at the moment, it has crept into our language BUT IS JUST PLAIN FUCKING WRONG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! One can hear it on television - even the Beeb! If you want to use the conflation it's there're. There is one. There are two. Gimp: OED (Hey I'm from Oxford okay!!) Or Gymp. A cloth or cord. A fishing line. A neckerchief. A scalloped or indented line or to trim like so. Or see jimp. Slender, slim, delicate, graceful, neat. Nothing about a git or a wimp. I think gimp is onomatapaeic (and there are about 8 various spellings of that word) it sounds like a pompous fat superannuated person (Sir Nicholas Soames you know who you are) who is both a git and a wimp.


So I take it you've never seen Pulp Fiction, then?
I only saw it pissed Rokkit.


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