Love of Damage, by Jack Cade

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Love of Damage, by Jack Cade

I like this. Great first line and sharp, satisfying images throughout. Would've liked to have been able to visualise the emotional pain as strongly as the physical pain tho'. I wanted to know more about the 'why?' behind the hero complex/risking death stuff (especially as that bit is sandwiched right in the middle). Unless that was your intention? But overall a compact and satisfying piece with deliciously fresh images, such as the ambiguity of the 'map of pain' motif itself and lines like '...feel them crack like sugar shells', which I thought was fantastic.


Oops, this of course should've been posted in the Disscuss Writing from ABC forum (to which it has now been swiftly rehoused). I guess I liked it so much I thought it should be be flagged twice!
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