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Completely off the topic of writing

For those of you who have read my stories you know I had a rough time through school. In turn over the years I try to give back in little ways here and there to help others. Since I myself do not even have the money to even pay attention I try to fund-raise to help other kids in different situations.
Right now my focus is to help kids have a great first day of school! If nothing else I want to just start them off on the right foot. My goal is to give each needy child an outfit for the first day of school and a backpack filled with the supplies they will need for the school year. Im hoping with giving them a bit of self confidence and a touch of self esteem and hope they may have a good year!
So if you wonderful people here know of any organizations, churches or that rare type of person who has extra money lying around send them our way!! We have a website set up to accept donations. We dont need a massive amount.. just enough to help a decent amount of children.


No ideas here but Stan's is great, you should really give it a go! Wow, where do you get these ideas?

Natalia :)

I think of what I go through and know there are others like me. I want to help people because I know what it feels like. Sometimes people take for granted what they have and lose appreciation. I always remember what I went through and how it feels. Its so easy sometimes to make a difference. Like right now there are 241 guests online...if each gave $10 right now then our goal would almost be met... I dont have $10 but I have time to try and do something. I just feel I have to make what time I have here on this earth worthwhile. I feel like I have to mean something or make a difference to someone or my life has been lived in vain. I just feel driven to help everyone who needs it.
Wow. Just wow.

Natalia :)

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