Oblivion Press: A new market place for Horror writers?

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Oblivion Press: A new market place for Horror writers?

Hi fellow writers. Not sure which catagory to put this one in so I put it in two, hoping to reach everyone who was interested. Thought this information might be of some interest to some of you horror writers. A new publisher has been formed by William Grabowski the well known horror author/editor. It is called Oblivion Press and they are in the business of publishing horror/gothic/dark fiction.
Writers may well want to bookmark these publishers as a future market for their work. I don’t know if they are accepting submissions at the moment, but it might be well worth your while checking them out.
They are publishing a horror novelette of mine later on this year, along with another up and coming writer Julie Rodgers in volume one of ‘The Black Book’. Mr. Grabowski also edits for Mary Z. Wolf’s Hard Shell Word Factory and they are publishing more of my work in their horror anthology later on this year. (Forgive the plug!)
Oblivion Press is certainly worth a look at…..
Here’s the site address: http://www.oblivionpress.com/
Ian M Faulkner


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Thanx. Im sure many people will find that very helpful. Do you, by any chance, know of any publishers of fantasy/science fiction?
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