New Competition!

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New Competition!

As you may have seen, we are running a competition to sit alongside the event at the UCL Bloomsbury on June 23rd, and it's quite a nice one.

Have a read of the guidelines by clicking the link above, then have a go.

Imagine that, a piece of your writing sat for years for all to see in the UCL Bloomsbury! Imagine your work featuring in a show alongside John Hegley, Iain Sinclair, Zena Edwards, Michael Donaghy and Sarah Maguire!

I've acheived something similar earlier in life, but it involved a marker pen and some rude words and I hope to god it's not still there.

It would have been nice to have a legitimate chance, like this competition.

Go on, have a go!

Also, do buy your tickets. It's an excellent line-up I reckon, and I'll shake your hands, each and every one of you when you turn up.

Book online here: