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I have 17 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ryan McDaniel

R.M Reil

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Sleepless Night's

I put my canvas upon a table The blinds shines rays of light As I paint a picture I began to close my eyes My mind is clouded with thoughts Between...

Our Flames

We the People Divided nation by nation We the people Dance within are own flames Gather round the fire The masses cling onto one another Eyes bright...

Freedom Beyond Fate

Freedom Beyond Fate Father, Alas I have come to confess The cross has brought my people to experience The most egregious offence We’re Once Proud...

Pedigree of Life

Born into it Die by it The simple habitual habitat Became the bane of my habitual predestined existence Go to School Get a degree Make something of...


Doin’ ten to twelve On a roadway Of hell Dropped the sentence The instance of an institution Bears no witness To our death sentence Here’s the tale...