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I have 17 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ryan McDaniel

R.M Reil

My stories

World Wind

As the world spins The wind blows No one will ever know How far it may go We simply stand tall While we hope Not to Fall At the very best As the wind...

Ode to John The Dreamer

Imagine no religion Seize the belief if you try No Hell Nor Countries Above us only the heaven within the sky Imagine all the people Living by today...

Same Man

Sane man turned insane There is my Dubious claim You hear all you know Every movement Is is as dream As real as real gets You cant move Breath Nor...

Star Crossed Fate

Such a precarious road to take There’s one of star crossed lovers That lost their fate Then the road I have yet to take All roads are all ambiguous...

Traveled Time

T ime is finite Yet infinite Within every sense At the Same dam time Past present future All are interwoven As one, Synonymous within Time The past...