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I have 12 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 612 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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Like I said before; you don't have to die to go to hell, all you have to do is be born into a wretched life, under the worst of circumstances that...

Steps For Death

I'm not sure if this is a line from a poem or the title of a play, but for the last couple of days these words have been stewing inside of me...

LLR 4 (continued)

Trying to avoid the crack epidemic along with the rest of public housing's craziness by staying home as much as I could and going out only when I had...


To be on the verge of something good, to be on the very cusp of it is like standing on the edge of a diving board that hangs out over a pool of the...


At the end of the school year Sonia along with the entire eighth grade class of 1981 would graduate and go off to high school. For Sonia high school...