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I was supposed...

No. No. No supposed. No. No. Supposed. No regret. No meant. It is done. It is dusted. I didn't. I. Did. Not. I don't. Do. Not. Have. Not. Will. Not...

Here I sit

Gulls bark like dogs. Circling. Ripples spread. It waits, quiet. Grease from battered fish. A butterfly lands. The tides turns. And I keep losing...


Unplanned interruptions. I stand, here. A strange land. A wilderness. In unfamiliar skin. Concussed. I must, start again.


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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I absolutely loved this piece

Posted on Sun, 24 May 2015

I absolutely loved this piece. Easy to read and yet entralling.

The way you build the characters and paint the scene with all the small observations is just excellent - this is the kind of writing I want to be able to achieve. It made me...

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Posted in Daisy and The Chalet Woman (Part One)