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“A friend of mine is a plastic surgeon.” - sip, swallow of a dry martini. “Yeah? You thinkin’ of getting new tits?” -sip, swallow, “I love you. Don’t...

Flower Bombs

* Inspired by last week's 50-word point and the weather. Gumball sized balls of soil and peat and seeds and fertilizer, colored in pastels; just toss...

0147 H -2 (2031 H)

“Are you even human?” - in a voice that’d squeaked. The girl at the ink shop, taller than averege and on average weight, spunkier than average but...

0147 H

Stove is off. Isn’t it? Thing is, I ain’t never sure, point blank positive, until I check and re-check and check again and then I open the door and...

FMJ for the Big Six in the Sky

Can't help but think of death, Can't keep from fighting life, and so it comes down to this; the crucial round is always a dud.