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I have 17 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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My stories

The Devil Rides Alone

Ascared, lonely rider Coming up over the hill A light in a lone house burns in the window Where a young man sits alone Over the hills the moon begins to rise Behind the house the sun goes down

Border Town

As i came riding into this town The black sun was high and shone I was just another shadow Trying to hide from the things i'd done Kitty came out the whore house As i was passing by

The Changing Of Friends

Little Mary and the Crazy Man She keeps crying but he does what he can Cowby Tex and Summer Sam They're all going for a party tonight They're all going down to Cafe Rock

Fame, fortune, and celebrity

A work in progress ... perhaps.

Johnny Thunders

The gunshotrang out through the air In a moment of cold blood, he shot anyone standing there Glass shattered, like dreams they were never allowed to have