Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

As you would expect from all the talent on here, we've had some great pieces reflecting on the current situation, some with sadness, some with anger, and some with humour.  We have writers from all over the world, so wherever you are, I do hope that you and yours are staying safe. Please keep posting on here - on a selfish note, we will worry about you if you're not around!  

This week's Picks are not Covid-19 related - they're two very contrasting pieces that highlight the breadth of talent on this site.

Story of the Week goes to Drew Gummerson for 'Sven Goes To War', part 1 of a new series.  It's as brilliantly bonkers, boundary-pushing and at times gruesome as you would expect from this author, and I absolutely loved it:

Poem of the Week is 'A Broken Pot's Lament' by onemorething.  Beautifully written and multi-layered, it's one my thoughts kept coming back to through the week.  And despite half a dozen attempts, I cannot get the link to the page to work here, so here is the link to onemorething's page, and you will find it there!

This week's Inspiration Point is here:

Wherever you are - take good care.