Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Two very differently styled pieces for our Picks this week. What they share is passion, conviction and, of course, brilliant writing.

Story of the Week is TJW's 'Lap Dance'. This writer puts his heart, soul and pretty much all the rest of him into everything he writes. This is about someone trying to build a life after experiences that refuse to let him go: Lap Dance | ABCtales

Poem of the Week is Di_Hard's 'just deserts'. The frustration of seeing the world (us) allowing the destruction of sealife is captured in the beautiful imagery, and the warning at the end is concise and unremitting: just deserts | ABCtales

This week's Inspiration Point is here: Inspiration Point: Writing Cues To Battle Writer's Block | ABCtales

Hope everyone is OK, and have the best week you possibly can.