Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

This week two pieces in particular lodged in my brain and wouldn't let go.

Poem of the Week is onemorething's beautiful and thoughtful 'The Loneliness of a Cuckoo'. We're used to thinking of them as the bad guys of nest-stealing, but this poem contemplates  what identity means when you don't have your own place in the world: The Loneliness of a Cuckoo | ABCtales

Story of the Week is Mark Say's 'Dinner with Adele'. It's far more than just another AI cautionary tale - this story makes us think about responsibilities, about guilt and innocence and, yes, what we may be getting ourselves into as it all develops so quickly. Dinner with Adele | ABCtales

This week's Inspiration Point is here: Inspiration Point: Writing Cues To Battle Writer's Block | ABCtales

Hope everyone has a good week.