Zooms, Thanks and Happy Birthdays!

Thank you so much to all the ABC Talers (and friends!) who participated in our Zoom Reading Event last Saturday.  It was an absolutely brilliant evening.  Special thanks to Mark Burrow for all the organisation and the compering.  It will be on our YouTube channel in the New Year, so keep an eye out for it there!  

Also lots and lots of thanks to those who have sent donations to ABC.  If your donation had a name on it you should have had a reply by now.  If you were one of our anonymous donors - thank you!  ABC is entirely dependent on donations for its existence, as it always has been, so we really do appreciate your support.

It will not have escaped your notice that we achieved our twentieth birthday this week!  To all of you, our newcomers and our old-stagers (using the term entirely metaphorically), yet more thanks for making the site what it is.  Here's to the next two decades!  


Congrats to abc tales and long may it continue.