Birdsong and 127 Hours

Birdsong an adaptation of Faulkes’ novel by Abi Morgan and 127 hours is an adaptation of Erin Ralston’s last hours by Danny Boyle. They don’t seem initially to have a lot in common. And superficially that is true, but I don’t tend to deal in the profound and am a bit short sighted so although eighty years separated the two heroes they did seem to have the same girlfriend. Something should be done about these old dames turning up decades later as somebody else’s girlfriend. The two males when they weren’t being two timed also seemed to spend a lot of times hallucinating about their girlfriends. I’m using the plural here, just in case I got it wrong. I mean the two of them were dead at one point but that didn’t seem to affect them that much. Wraysford probably had the better of the deal. He could just nip home and say I’m late because I got blown up and shot. Ralston would need to counter that with I fell down a big hole, had to drink my ain pish and saw my arm off with a blunt knife and if that isn’t a good reason for staying out at night then you can go and two-time me with somebody else, but you’ll have to wait about for another World War and who knows when that’s going to happen, but don’t take Tuesday 19th October 2022 off.