Dave Allen: God’s Own Comedian, BBC2, 9pm

I used to watch Dave Allen at Large with my family. It was one of the few shows my Da liked. There was a checklist of things he liked. One of them was being Irish. Check. One of them was being Catholic. Check. Another of them was being Irish and Catholic. Check-check. It also helped that Dave Allen looked a bit like his best mate McBride with the coal-black hair and a subversive attitude to authority. It was all well and good to mock the church, just as long as you weren’t one of them blue-noses. Like most shows Dave Allen wasn’t very funny. It was hit and miss. But we accepted that. We wanted him to be funny in the same way others wanted Morecambe and Wise to be funny. They weren’t. Or Benny Hill to be funny. Da didn’t like Benny Hill. He was crude. Dave Allen was suggestive, but never crude. And he was funny-sometimes. Benny Hill was never funny. It was interesting watching him in action again. I laughed at some of his gags. He seemed a thoroughly decent and nice man. May his God go with him.


Really chuckled at your Da not liking Benny Hill. I despised him. Nothing got my back up more than Benny Hill's overt female gags. Your Da's sense of wit was bang on the nail with Allen's subtlety.


Sometimes Vera you watch these programmes about celebrities and you kinda wish you hadn't. You find out people you liked, were unlikeable. This is the opposite. Dave Allen was likeable and this gave other reasons to like him more..


I used to love seeing Dave Allen on the TV, it was a bit like being naughty, getting to watch it... like it had slipped through my Mum and Dad's 'this is a bit silly' filter. I think I loved his accent. I also liked getting to see The Goodies, and singing to the theme tune... annoyingly. When you're young, stuff like that, is even more absurd than it was probably intended to be, as you don't really understand it anyway!! Yes Dave Allan could easily have been my favourite uncle, if only.

Yeh, sillygirl the Goodies were also meant to be funny. Occasionally it would happen-you'd laugh, but ah those were the days!