England 2—Poland 0

It’s all over and Eng-er-land are going to Brazil. I had a choice of watching Scotland playing a friendly against Croatia or England playing Poland. I was helped by the fact Scotland are on pay-TV and England are on ITV, or council telly. I think we should support our councils. This was a brilliant, open and attacking game, with goals from Rooney and Gerard at the end of the first and second half settling it. But if you want to know how tight it was then look again at the camera panning in on Roy- the old boy- Hodgskin’s face after 85 minutes. His eyes are shut and it looks like he’s saying a prayer. Then again he might have been saying I’m sacked and the Polish manager is sacked I wonder if I can get his job. The miss of the night came before Rooney scored, from Wellbeck, from six yards, with an open goal. Wellbeck had another two good chances. Sturridge had two good chances. Townsend was unlucky with a wonderful dipping shot that looked to have opened the scoring but hit the bar. Rooney had another few near things, but it was that old warhorse Gerard, riding tackle after tackle and with a lunge made everything right.

            There must have been about 40 000 Polish fans and it created a cracking atmosphere. Levandoski should have scored first, with a one on one with Joe Hart. Sobota was also unlucky with a few efforts. At the start of the second half Poland began to dominate and Klich had a few near things from corners. The game could have went either way. Levandoski again had a one on one with Joe Hart, around the seventieth minute. He should have scored. Didn’t. The selection of the England keeper justified. The selection of the England team justified. Everything justified for Roy, but what’s Rooney still wearing that bandage for? It must be lucky, but there’s no justification for it. Eng-er-land. I wonder how poor old Scotland got on. Don’t want to look. But it really doesn’t matter.



I phoned my Dad at half time to ask if he was watching. Yes. I diplomatically did not ask who he was supporting (he's Polish). Well Poland did not make it easy for England did they. Lebandovski is certainly one to watch. Joe Hart did well, Sturridge was good and well done Rooney. And an even bigger well done to Gerrard for that late-in-the- game piece of brilliance. Brazil 2014 yes! I think Brazil might win and I shall be supporting England.          Elsie

Good match report! When it comes down to it, it's not about winning (although we had to) it's about making sure we're there so that we can go through it all over again - and hopefully over and over again - the agony and the esctasy! So much pain to look forward to! And don't forget - Autumn rugby internationals and the rugby world cup here in 2015! Come on Stuart and the lads!


poor old Uncle Roy, all he's got to do is win the world cup now. If that happens Scotland will definately opt for independence and start rebuilding Hadrian's wall.


Can we have independence for England then too, please? We will let the Italians know you are rebuilding their wall! You'll probably have to fill a form in or something.


England can have independence as long as it keep Cameron and all his hee-hawing pals.


Ha ha. Yes, the thing that keeps us half reluctant to be independant, I expect. We'd be stuck with the hee-haws. Mind you, I'm pretty sure CAMERON is Scottish enough to play football for you so we'll be sending him over the wall! I don't think he'd be much good though.smiley


I don't think he's much good for anything, perhaps some kind of testing programme. I'm sure we use Marmoset monkeys. Him and his oiks I'm sure would be a much better bet.


Boy, it was close. At least we have no expectations of anything in Brazil. We know this lot aren't that good - and it they even get to the quarter finals then we'll be happy. So long as we don't lose to the Germans on penalties (although I suspect they'd hammer us in normal time.)

I was at Wembley in '66 aged 13. It's blighted my life ever since.

God Tony, that makes you over 100. Watch out for the plucky Belgians.