The revolutioary Miliband brothers and me

I take my cues directly from God. On a Sunday, apart from reading the papers and watching highlights of the football, I don’t do anything. There’s no shame in this, unless you’re unemployed and part of the feckless poor in which case every day is Sunday and, according to Cameronian conventional wisdom, you should be led to the stocks and pilloried with the left-over fruit of the rich man’s banquet. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them. Methinks of an ill wind and the latter for the Thatcher clones. I find to my great delight that Miliband’s pater held revolutionary Marxist doctrines that poor people that great engine that fed the industrial revolution (indeed any revolution) should be not be shredded like discarded cardboard packaging, but helped to find a suitable role in a just society. This is a revolution too far. That great bull-horn the Mail that is owned by a trust that is owned by another trust that is owned by another trust that we can surely trust because they reside in a little known part of our once great empire called Bermuda which understands, quite rightly, that rich people should pay no tax, because that is what God created poor people for, shouts loudest that Miiband senior is a traitor to our glorious empire. The sins of the father, of course, fall on the sons. Both support that revolutionary party called Labour, whose dire threats of more of the same has the rich 1% who own just about everything and everyone, including that semaphore of righteousness the Mail,  threatening to leave and invade another small country and bankrupt them too. We repent Sir on bended knee! We repent. We repent. 


Typical light shedding from you celtiman.  It makes me feel good that there are people like you prepared to stand up and be counted.  The whole injustice of it depresses me endlessly.


I totaly agree with you,

David Milliband is being strangely quiet on the subject. Can we look forward to his 'My father was a c*unt" quote in the Mail when he makes his next leadership bid? 


The thing that guts me is that I voted Lib Dem to oust our Tory MP for East Devon Sir Hugo Swine. It didn't work. I live in a Tory-ocracy where my town council is marginally Lib Dem and East Devon District Council is not. Our do-nothing knight of the shires gladly consents to our seafront getting trashed next year in the name of the 'Exmouth Splash' (a re-development project which may or may not work, anyones' guess right now) . My job is one of over a hundred which will go.

Then the coalition went the wrong way. Clegg instantly showed his colours as a back-stabbing little toad who hated Gordon Brown (one of the few politicians whom I like). It is probably a long time since any Labour politicians are former labourers themselves. Next time I shall still follow my unbroken rule of voting or not voting for anything that is not a Tory. Beware - the government always gets in and we deserve better.         Elsie

CM I am aware that I have intended simply to agree with your blog here and have got on my own soapbox instead. Hope you do not find this too much of a cheek.

hi elsie (and scratch and terrence)  I'm glad you're reading my blog. Agreeing with it is a bonus, but commenting makes it better. All blogs are jumping off points, so I don't mind, but delight, in your comments. cheers.