Two Days in Paris. (2007)

Two Days in Paris (2007). Not only is it written directed and starring Julie Delpy, she is also bilingual. The Human Genome Project has shown that people who are bilingual begin life in the womb with two heads. Later when talking to you, they can pause, and talk to themselves in a foreign language and laugh at you using there other head. Ha. Ha. Ha, Ha (in French).

Julie Delpy makes very good use of this. It’s a comedy so we must play along and laugh back in English: Har, Har, Har. I made an effort. It wasn’t much of an effort. Some of the time she wears specs. Later in the film she takes them off. Har. Har. Har. Oh, no, she’s turned into the incredibly attractive girl in American films that the lead takes to the prom only because his pal’s bet him he wouldn’t. This throws me for a bit. I try falling asleep drunk the way you do when you watch those American movies, but I can’t, I’m a recovering alcoholic who’s found Jesus. So I need to tell the truth. It’s a very good and engaging film. Julie Delpy really smart and attractive and it’s a great script, but I hate those people with two heads, because somehow I feel they are still laughing at me. Ha, Har.