Pineapples in the Pool


I recently bought this book directly from an Unbound author that I met at  book launch in Manchester. It is a collection of poetry that is funny, touching and sometimes sad. As far as I'm aware, thus far it is the only book of poetry that Unbound has published, though that is soon to change.

Pineapples in the Pool explores ancient and modern themes, including love, the internet and home (whatever that means). Look out for where the title appears, it's an arresting image. It also has one or two whimsical pieces on the actor Dev Patel.

It isn't a book that I pledged to, so my name is not in the list of sponsors at the back. Having read the book and met the author, I rather wish I had. It's still available direct from Unbound, but of course the author will receive more money if you buy direct and, in any case, as the book is already published, buying from Unbound will not get your name listed as a patron.

Anyway,why not try out some new poetry and help out a fellow writer by buying here?