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A friend is conducting an internet experiment for his PhD at Camberwell Art College. It involves text generation. You might find it a) entertaining b) useful if you're a bit 'blocked' at the moment c) uplifting because you're advancing the twin causes of knowledge and science. Anyway, here is a link to the page. You can remain completely anonymous too, if you prefer. I've had a play with it, they won't replace us with robots yet, but the results...

"Last Night I Met John Adcock" A Review

A Review, by Simon Whitworth AKA Fatboy_74, of Ewan (Lawrie)'s Cerasus Poetry published collection "Last Night I Met John Adcock"

Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Lots to choose from this week and, naturally many had a Remembrance Sunday connection. However, amongst the prose, I was struck by Noo's nihilistic story about, well, I'll leave you to decide what this well-crafted oddity, Passive Voice, is about. Poem of the week does have a Remembrance Sunday theme, this wonderful poem Mesopotamia by Philip Sidney is about a lesser known campaign and all the more powerful for it. The Inspiration Point is here...

Pineapples in the Pool

I recently bought this book directly from an Unbound author that I met at book launch in Manchester. It is a collection of poetry that is funny, touching and sometimes sad. As far as I'm aware, thus far it is the only book of poetry that Unbound has published, though that is soon to change. Pineapples in the Pool explores ancient and modern themes, including love, the internet and home (whatever that means). Look out for where the title appears...

Gibbous House: A Very Limited Edition

Gibbous House News...

No Good Deed Update (Comp)

All you lovely people who have pledged for No Good Deed are entitled to enter this competition to receive a bundle of No Good Deed goodies. Competition runs for one week here

No Good Deed Update

One month in... 26%. What that means.

Unbound to Publish No Good Deed

As some of you will know, my first novel, “Gibbous House” began life here on ABCTales many moons ago and was published by Unbound in January of last year. Unbound have agreed to take on the sequel, “No Good Deed”, which was also developed on ABCTales, subject to reaching its crowd-funding target. I know many ABCtalers are not rich - neither am I, if I’m honest – but if any of you do feel able to pre-order/pledge/become a patron of No Good Deed,...

Some Writing Tips : Inspired by a chart intended (one hopes) for 14-year-olds.

Not Writing . Read, that’s all. The more you read the better your writing will be. Read a (very) few books generally acknowledged to be bad writing. Work out why people say this about them. Read the books your parents and grandparents had to read at school and books by their writers’ contemporaries. (You may be offended, that’s fine. Learn to read with detachment, it’s a good skill to have). Make notes about what you read, or what has inspired...