Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point 19th August 2022

Story of the Week

Longer pieces seem to be in vogue at the moment, who says the novel is dead?

Some very good prose writing this week. Celticman’s Uggly Puggly is sharply observed and hilariously dark-humoured, Part 71 is here. I also enjoyed the first three chapters of CliffordBen502’s Exotic Illnesses, the first of which was last week’s Story of the Week.

So, since I must pick only one, this week’s Story of the Week is Lou Blodgett’s The Wayward Noodle: matter-of-factly related as all surreally fantastical pieces must be, The Noodle is genuinely funny. Start here


Poem of the Week

This week’s Poem of the Week goes to Jennifer’s The Gift, for taking a simple idea and using it to convey complex ones. I like that.


Inspiration Point is here