Christmas Present

No no presents- but it is soon Christmas Eve and the big evening- families wil be gathered- kindness,love and care will be shared. An extra effort this time of year to make it a festive and happy occassion.

Okay- I hate Christmas. This year I hate it. Uptil now it has only been a pain. A dog who had to be operated on, a tooth pulled out, a row and now endless days of dark skies, freezing temperatures, slippery paths, gammy knee- I could go on moaning. I will be alone Christmas Eve (our celebration) and am alone these days. I am concerned about the world but noone seems to be concerned about me. Oh poor me- alas!
I received a book in the post from a friend and acquaintance- I have put it under the tree and will unpack it on the 24th in the evening.
I am depressed as these lines bear witness of. I couldn't be bothered to read much- it has to be very accessible and I certainly can't write anything meaningful.
I want to get on with my life but don't know how. Every now and again I need a change. I used to move about a lot- from place to place. That gave me a thrill. This time I am not moving again. Have found the perfect spot.


I want to get on with my life but don't know how' I don't think you are alone on that one Pia.


Pia, 'I am concerned about the world but noone seems to be concerned about me' Yes, there are...your friends on ABC. From what I've seen you are a very highly thought of person as well as writer. At the moment I too am very sad because my dog Lincoln has had an accident and is with the vet right now. He will never be the same dog again. I am heartbroken as he is my constant companion and he must be caged rested for six weeks which is awful for a big dog like Lincoln a German Shepherd. Sorry I hope I haven't pulled you down. I am just dreading tomorrow or rather today. I'm so sorry I've burdened you with this.

Dearest Moya- that is so so sad about your dog. But when he recuperates he will be happy again and he will probably be able to do much more than you expect. I really feel for you. My son had a dog and I am so sad that he now is gone. I cried a lot and miss him immensely. Having said that my son is having a baby come May and that is a consolation. Thank you for the kind words you said about me. They really warmed my heart. I am sure you will shower Lincoln with love and for that he will be more than thankful. I feel for you in this terrible situation. My son is heartbrkoen about his best companion and has even cried a lot of tears for him. I hope they can get another dog. all the very best ;)Pia

Hello Pia, Thank you so much for your understanding and your kind words. They really helped. Lincoln is home now and fortunately he does seem to want to be in the cage. If we can just keep him free from infection till Thursday then the vet will put a plaster cast on which will need to be changed every week. I am keeping everything crossed. I am so sorry to have burdened you with this. However, your grandchild will bring so much joy to you as my only grandchild has to me. Thank you once again,Pia. Moya