Finally Spring

Turn off Winter- turn on Spring. More light-more energy. More sun-more warmth and delight in nature. More love of life. Getting used to the longer days and more light. Can't hide anymore so the light streams into all the nooks and crannies of the mind through my eyes- so keep them open a lot. Don't want to hide so much anymore. Goodbye Winter depression. Hello I'm still alive..


Yipee! Spring has sprung, Pia, and we are all still here. Well, those of us who are...

Parson Thru

ha PT I shall see if I survive yet another winter- but that is what I have said for a couple of seasons. Yep warmer weather here- just waiting for all the buds to spring..

wonderful. Been keeping an eye on the frog-spawn.

Parson Thru

Oh Yes tadpoles- lovely PT


Parson Thru

Yes, how wonderful to have spring with us at last; longer day-light hours so time to walk the dog or sit out in the garden with a welcome cup of tea.

It's been a nasty winter, Pia, is it me, or are they getting longer and colder?