I don't know what I am waiting for.

Didn't buy any cloves for my tooth- it doesn't hurt as long as I don't chew anything -so it's yoghurt and soup and buttermilk, coffee and tea and I can dunk a biscuit in my tea- love that!
I bought spikes for my boots the other day. Put them on today and I strode through the snow masses and definitely felt on top.

Banks- big banks- I don't understand the first thing about their transactions but the big banks are under fire at the moment. Especially one and I happen to be one of its customers. I am hardly even a small fish- I must be a micro-organism but they still have my money until the end of the month where the account is just about nil. According to those who seem to know a lot about the banking world, this big bank is an evil fiend and has too much say in the country's budget- I doubt whether they can pull the country into even more of a recession if they go bankrupt. I really doubt that. But yes, they do have too much money which is not benefitting ordinary working people. They are makiing profits for their own sake and for the rich mainly- the big share holders and the bosses.
I've joined this group lead by a female politician in EU- a danish left wing politician who is fighting to get more control of banks financial profits and speculations. But I don't know much about it. I just know that she is right a lot of the time and that it is worth the struggle.


They seem more greedy than they used to be. I don't know what it might take to turn things around again. Maybe my belief that things will go back towards community is misplaced. Maybe it would take some kind of disaster. I hope not, but the greed of people these days depresses me more than anything else.

Parson Thru

I think if the world were to end tomorrow I'd class myself as happy, not greedy or dissatisfied. You only have to go to the supermarket and see what masses of junk people mindlessly put in their carts to be disillussioned. I don't think big in banks very often! I think we have to have more faith in the younger generation and the way they want to run the 'world'. Yikes!