Bring Out Your Dead: A Josiah and Archibald Novel (The Undertakers Book 4). Available for Pre-order Now!

I'm delighted to annouce to Josiah and Archibald's many fans on ABCTales that you can now pre-order Book 4 in Phil Whiteland's Bring Out Your Dead series


All Josiah and Archibald had to do was collect the late Sir Lewisham Carnock from his resting place in Alicante and escort him back to the U.K. Nothing could be simpler, could it? Well, yes, with Josiah and Archibald it could, particularly when an unfortunate turn of phrase leaves them marooned in Paris and forced to take the overland route to Alicante (complete with chickens in a basket). Even then, collecting the deceased Baronet proves trickier than anyone would imagine, as it would if you add in a nervous couple on their first overseas holiday (unless you count the Isle of Wight), a pair of detectives en-route to collect an escaped and very violent criminal, a femme fatale student with an unusual method of financing her studies and a 'corpse' that doesn't quite look like your typical English aristocrat. Put all those together and you have a recipe for the typical Oakshott and Underwood chaos, this time spread across Europe! 


The book will be published in both Kindle and paperback editions on 1st April, 2024.  The Kindle edition will be £2.99 and the paperback £8.99.  However, pre-ordered Kindle editions are available at the frankly ludicrous price of just 99p!

Here's the link to order:



Thanks a lot for this. Very much appreciated  smiley