Dinno's Adventure and Other Tales by ABCTales writer Mary-Ann Storm


Big congratulations to Mary-Ann Storm who writes on ABCTales as Mary-Ann and has just published her first collection of children's stories'
Here's what she says about it:
'Dinno's Adventure takes you on a self discovering journey, whilst it highlights the importance of family and friendships.In this fun pact adventure of short stories lessons are learned and anything is possible and can be overcome,if you just believe in yourself.'
There doesn't appear to be a UK link to buy a hard copy, but you can order an e-copy here:


Mary-Ann suggests an age range of 13 and up for this collection.

Di-Hard has very kindly written a short review:

'The author of these Tales has a rich imagination, creating vivid scenarios and characters, with whom readers can instantly engage. The opposite of the cosy kind of story featuring elephants and tigers that UK authors might write, they evoke a real sense of threat - for example in the chilling description of traps, as monsters "with silver sheen. They hide themselves and catch you once you step on them and from them you can rarely escape." Each Tale has a cautionary message, conveyed in a way that is easy to understand, but not preachy.  Dinno's Adventure and Other Tales are written with life and immediacy, action packed right up to their happy endings'



I hope it sells well. 


Thank you for the lovely review and comment I appreciate it.

M Storm