Fill Fuller: Forever Endeavor by Ice Rivers. Out Now!

I'm very pleased to announce that ABCTaler Ice Rivers' second book Fill Fuller: Forever Endeavor is now available!

Here's what he says:

Everybody has a book inside. A writer discovers that inside book and puts it on the outside with words that stay. With the help of ABC tales, I've discovered two books or maybe one huge book. The latest discovery is called Fill Fuller and it's a continuation/follow up of the first book called Full Filler. Most of the essays can be found amongst the 950 essays that I've posted on ABC tales but this time they have coagulated into something that resembles fiction, faction, non-fiction, autobiography, philosophy and surrealistic chronology. I've spent my whole career as a teacher encouraging people to read and trying to guide them in an appropriate direction while advising. I've also spent my time encouraging people to write because everybody has a story inside. If I can find my story you can find yours. I hope Fill Fuller helps you to Full Fill your artistic ambitions and creative drives

Here's a link to if you'd like to place an order:

We wish Ice all the best of luck with it!


All the best. Mike could draw and Ice could write and became a writer. 


You have been and continue to be an inspiration





Thanks for the push.....4479 folks have looked at the book yet nobody has bought it. Do I count this as 4479 rejections when I tell my success story about how many rejection slips I got before finally hitting the big time. It kinda matches the number of scratch off tickets I've scratched without winning anythins more than fifty bucks, but I'll keep scratching and writing andc somed on of these days.......


I won $100 bucks on a scratch off yesterday so who knows, anything is possible.