Full Filler by Ice Rivers

I'm very pleased to announce the publication of 'Full Filler' by ABCTaler Ice Rivers.

Here's what he says:

'When I discovered that I had prostate cancer, I decided to describe on ABC tales the journey wherever it may lead. It led to the past, the present and the future in random order. It led to untapped imagination beyond the restrictions of time. It led to a confluence of life journeys both external and internal. When organized, they came to resemble a story with beginnings, middles and conclusions

Take 103 prize winning essays/poems that establish a technical foundation, add a generational tone plus backstory narrative indulgences along with the recognition of reality amidst sudden, unexpected outbursts into pseudo philosophic frenzy: mash those together with complex syncopations, overlapping characterizations and iffy punctuations…what emerges is an unforeseen story that rises above chronological plot construction.


Fiction and faction collide and produce autobiographical blarney


Is it a biography, a surrealistic autobiography, a novel, a collection of essays and poems that can be read in any order.



Yes, yes yes and yes.


Auto-biography propels us to confront reality, whatever that reality might be. Fiction allows us to escape and while fiction casts a light upon the society from which it emerges, the ultimate purpose is to entertain and make us feel better about our lives.


Particularly now.'


Review by Dr Bradley Kaye:


This is at times a hilarious book. The line, "Golf took an enormous leap forward with the invention of the hole..." had me in stitches! Along with lines like, "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm schizophrenic and so am I."

At times there are also heart-wrenching scenes of life and death struggles with illness, existential scenes of day to day boredom in the midst of an epic comic-tragedy that is life. Absurdist humor pulls the reader through the real work of existence that ripples through these pages. It feels like Albert Camus became a scriptwriter for Curb Your Enthusiasm, because you see a freedom in this story stripped of a pretentiousness so common in today's commercial writing.

What you experience in these pages is nothing less than a human being carving out his field of dreams in the minor-marginal Americana that had perhaps been swept aside for too long in the mass clamour of being. Playing golf, in truly freeing style, "Since it's my game, it's my rules. My game is all about forgiveness. This is why I prefer to play alone. When I do play with someone else, the game is best ball. My partner and I are playing against the course by cooperating with one another."

Check it out! It's an interesting read that makes for the kind of light-hearted stuff of life that takes the weight out of the heavy-handed politics of entertainment so-common today.


Dr. Bradley Kaye….Author of The Boundless Open Sea


Available on Amazon both sides of the Atlantic now:





Delighted to see this!  Thank you for the link - looking forward to seeing all those pieces collected in one place.  

It will be a big thriller when Filler is purchased "over there". I'm very grateful to ABC tales