Our Story and Poem for the month of February very kindly chosen by Jolono:


It never gets any easier. Choosing the winners for February gave me a few headaches, and no it wasn’t the three glasses of Red wine that I had whilst going through all of them! But winners have to be picked and here they are...


This month’s winner for SOTM is TFH with La Femme d’argent.


A moving tale of a romantic visit to Paris that starts with a foggy day and a trip to the Eiffel Tower. Will she? Wont she? Read it and find out. The last paragraph is a wonderfully written look into the future. 

Special mentions for HarryC and Jane Hyphen for their brilliant contributions. Also to mikesize1 for a great start to something that I will definitely be keeping an eye on.


POTM is by Di_Hard with Driverless.


Sometimes you don’t need hundreds of words to make a point. It just needs the RIGHT words. This poem is only 6 lines and contains just 36 words. But it conveys a truth that we all recognise.

Once again special mentions for Ewan, JupiterMoon and forest-for-ever for some great poetry.