Story and Poem of the Month

Story and Poem of the Month for May very kindly chosen by Mark Say:



Story of the month

Top choice this month is After Gyles’ Quay by Sean McNulty, vivid portrayal of how a group of boys react to the death of an old friend. It comes with humour and sadness, and provides a strong portrayal of how children begin to grope their way towards adulthood.

Two others I greatly enjoyed: the two-part 430, Watery Road by Charlie77 (Part one; part two), a deeply sinister tale, with a strong air of suspense and a wicked twist in its conclusion; and Fern is fine by ice rivers, a vivid take on a misanthropic mindset with an undercurrent of black humour.


Poem of the month

A close run thing this month, but at the top pick I’ve chosen To the 185,000 retirees ….by MJG. It’s a sharp, sad and thought provoking poem about the tensions between a perception of the big problems facing the world and the need for security in old age. I’m sure a lot of people will recognise the ideas behind it.

I also greatly liked You arrive at a dinner party at midnight by mcmannaman, which uses two short scenes to convey the tensions in a dysfunctional relationship; and Diminuendo by Jupiter Moon, a subtle, elegant and sensitive description of an ageing mother reaching the point of not being the same person.




Such an honour.  Thanking you.