Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for August have been chosen by Ewan. Here's what he says:



As always, singling out one of each for Picks of the Month is very difficult.


Story of the Month is one of maddan’s monthly ghost stories “Sea Mist” . If you want to read them all there is a collection here


Honorable mentions go to: 


Celticman for his ongoing Ugly Puggly, which continues to amuse and appal in equal measure


Jeand for her clear-eyed cancer diary episodes all of which can be found here.


Poem of the Month is TJW’s harrowing, not to say gut-wrenching Insidious.


Honorably mentioned are:

Marandina for his excellent “Does it Rain in Heaven?”


onemorething for her poetic take on the shipping forecast “The Witch’s Daughter”, which, as I recall, sounded like poetry itself when I listened to it on the wireless.