Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Posted by Ewan

Some wonderful work on the site this week. Everyone should pat themselves on the back.


Story of the Week is bhi’s ‘The Anatomy of a Death’ -as intriguing a beginning of something as I’ve ever seen.

Poem of the Week is #Peel Park, New Year’s Eve# by Ralph. Evocative, memorable and not a word wasted, it’s an affecting read.

Many congratulations both.


I would like to (re)-commend to you all Celticman’s recent posts, eulogies, they might be called, I suppose. In any event they are fascinating vignettes of Clydebank characters that Jack brings back to a kind of life by writing about them


Inspiration Point:

Write a letter, a poem, something or anything to or about someone who has gone. It might be a famous person, someone you know or someone fictional entirely. No limits there, then, eh?

I look forward to reading what you come up with.