Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Chosen this week by Ewan:

As always, so many good things to read and such varied styles and forms. I’ve made the usual hard choices and narrowed all the tremendous stuff down to these two.


Poem of the Week is Di_Hard’s to pick up time. I loved its sinusoidal curve on the screen, conjuring the shape of waves bringing the quartz to the seashore.

Story of the Week is Mark Burrow’s Dayroom Conversation. Not a word wasted in a short story that has punch and pathos, without ever descending into bathos. Like all the best short stories, it’s what’s left unsaid, to peek out at us between, under, over and even behind the lines.


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Lots of excellent stuff published this week so I am very grateful for the Pick and for that kind and thoughtful feedback. As ever, thank you.