Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Happy Friday!

Poem of the Week is Yutka’s beautiful and moving, Different to caged birds.

There is, as always, an abundance of brilliant poetry on the site to choose from. Do read Mark Burrow’s ‘night of the armed siege' and Ewan’s 'Don’t Ask' too.

Story of the Week is Phil Whiteland’s Churros, Chicken and Choices - really funny, really excellent writing. 

And since it seems we have so many cat servants on this site (including me), you should also read Steve Hoselitz’s Grayson and Otto. If you are owned by a cat - you are not alone.

This week’s Inspiration Point is here:

Have a lovely weekend! 


Many thanks for the kind comments.  When I get down from the little cloud I'm currently floating on, I'll see about posting the next instalment of the story wink